25 Snacks You Should Eat to Increase Your Metabolism


Shockingly, there are foods which can help you to lose weight. How is it possible? Certain types of foods can give a boost to your metabolism and increase your metabolic rate. This means, your body uses more energy and burn more calories if you include the listed foods in your diet.
It is a common misconception that eating less, or even starving (e.g. crash diets) can have a positive effect on your body. Technically, the very opposite is the truth. Of course you gain weight if you eat more than your recommended daily calorie intake. Although, if you starve, your body switches to “survival mode” and tries to lower your metabolic rate as much as possible, so you will end up maintaining your weight while you eat less food.
Here are the 25 best foods to kick-start increasing your metabolic rate:

25. Water – a Surprisingly Simple Solution.

source: pexels.com

Even slight dehydration has an impact on metabolic rate, it decreases significantly. Therefore, it is essential to load up your body with water. How do you know that how much you are supposed to drink of it daily? Well, it changes individually, but here is a simple formula – which based on clinical experience – that can give you the answer: take your body weight in pounds, divide it by 2, and you can get the amount of recommended daily water intake in ounces. e.g. 150-pound person should drink 75 ounces of water.