Do you know every secret of Matcha tea?


Matcha tea is a special Japanese green tea. Its popularity constantly rose in the past few years, so you can easily come across with Matcha in any teashop or supermarket. Therefore, by writing this article, we wanted to give you a helping hand in understanding better its health effects, beneficial properties, preparation methods and must-knows. And believe us, it is worth the bothering to get informed about this new wave super food from the far-East. Are you curious already? Check out our 25-point list!

1. Theanine – The Remarkable Amino Acid.

Photo by from Pexels

Theanine is an amino acid – amino acids are block bricks of proteins – which can penetrate the blood-brain barrier. This means theanine can directly impact your brain, luckily in a positive way. This amino acid can rarely be found in plants. It only occurs in tea leaves and in bay boletus mushroom.